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Carbon emissions tracking

Global trade is expected to hit a record $32 trillion in 2022 and is expected to double by 2050. Global freight carbon emissions account for over 3.4% of the plants' Green House Gases. The sector is using mostly broad-based estimates which can be inaccurate and may not reflect the correct CO2e. It becomes more complex as cross-modal freight moves across many countries internationally.

If you cannot measure it, you cannot adequately reduce it.

Presently, GHG emissions are calculated using default estimated emission factors. This oversimplifies the calculation by applying a single emission factor for an entire mode of transport based on industry estimates. Estimates are used due to the lack of accurate data across the supply chain. This method fails to capture the unique variables of each journey, leading to inaccurate estimations. 


Naxxar Tech's innovative ‘Logistic Carbon Twin’ is focused on filling the data gaps to improve the tracking of carbon emissions in the cross-modal freight industry.Our AI model will use real-time location and distance data captured using IoT devices combined with a dynamic estimation approach to improve emissions reported.


Access to measurable and transparent emissions data and reporting is essential to reducing carbon emissions and achieving net-zero targets.

Estimate emissions easily and accurately.

Know what your emissions are with the click of your mouse.

Generate emissions report with granular multimodal breakdown.
Share with stakeholders easily.   

Take action

Offseting projections and estimate made easy.

Reduce, actionable insight to de-risk intermodal shifting maximising emission reduction strategy.

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