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Naxxar Tech’s platform fills supply chain visibility blind spots.

Users have access to real-time actionable insights, optimising the supply chain, assessing performance and identifying risk patterns.

The platform is a perfect fit for businesses large or small because it's low cost and you own the tracking devices.

The desktop and mobile-friendly web application makes it easy for you and your customer to use it on the go.

Users have real-time, carrier-independent location and condition date of cargo end-to-end.

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Global visibility with real-time updates for your shipments and assets.

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Monitor Shipments

Real-time location, temperature, conditions and delays


Cargo Security

Real-time container intrusion alerts


Global Coverage

Over 600 networks in more than 200 countries

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Cargo Visibility

24-hour end-to-end real-time tracking and ETAs


Digital Shipping Documents

Digital document vault

Notifications and custom alerts can be created and updated with a couple of clicks.

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Instant shipment notification alerts help reduce the risk of unexpected deviations or delays.

Prompt and instant action helps your customers and partners mitigate risk.

Streamlining inventory management and customer experience across the supply chain with continuous real-time information.

Link Digital Shipping Documents
Access and distribute documents such asBills of Ladens, waybills, certificates of origin, invoices and more.

Performance report

At the end of shipments, performance reports provide valuable insights about your operations helping to identify delays and risk patterns. Empowering data-driven decision making users can.

  • Develop logistics optimisation strategies

  • Improve inventory management

  • Prioritise cargo inspections for damage

  • Geo-fence and location history

  • Identify cargo delays hotspots

  • Reduce dwell time and incorrect detention and demurrage fees

Delivering agile and resilient supply chains.



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