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Rechargeable Tracker (RT)

Accurate tracking for first and last-mile deliveries
The RT is the larger reusable version of the NT. The CT comes with a very strong built-in magnet, blots, and M3 sticky pads for very easy installation. Once activated users will have instant plug-and-play real-time visibility of their cargo with easy-to-configure temperature, security, idle time, and battery level updates.

It is very versatile, with frequent updates from every 5 seconds to a measurement every 24 hours. With very frequent updates, tracking deliveries minute by minute is made easy. The RT connects to 4G and 2G networks internationally to more than 620 networks without roaming.
The NT provides great location accuracy globally by combining a GPS sensor, WiFi bounce back, and cell tower triangulation for constant real-time visibility.

With desktop and mobile web access users can easily update the frequency of notifications and the measurements will be available via API. The CT can be used for a wide variety of applications including asset tracking, equipment tracking, containers, and refrigerated goods. Together with a high frequency of measurements, it is the choice for first and last-mile tracking such as delivery trucks and time-critical shipments.

Easy use
Size: 154 x 82 x 30 mm
Built-in magnet
Holders for screws and other subjection means


Global coverage
Connects to +620 networks
NB-IoT, CatM1 and EGPRS


Very precise location
GPS location: 10m accuracy
WiFi sniffing: 25m accuracy
Cell tower: 500m accuracy

Environmental sensors
Temperature ±1,5ºC precision
Motion / Static condition
Light to detect tamper

Bluetooth 5.0

iBeacon broadcasting
iBeacon gateway


Remote management
Configure the update frequency
Transmission frequency from 5sec to 24h

Very long battery life
Loaded with 12000mAh and an ultra-low discharge rate
Rechargeable battery with USB-C, cable included
Battery life between 15 days to 1 year


Sturdy, waterproof and reliable
Operative range between -20ºC to +70ºC
Waterproof: IP67
Certificates: CE, RoHS, FCC

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