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Naxxar Tracker (NT)

Small, robust and reliable
This small device is the size of a stack of business cards and can easily fit into your pocket if needed. It is recommended for one-way shipments, cargo tracking, and your fleet of assets. The NT comes with a very strong built-in magnet and M3 sticky pads for very easy installation. Once activated you will have instant plug-and-play real-time visibility of your cargo with easy-to-configure temperature, security, idle time, and battery level updates.

The NT connects internationally to more than 620 networks without roaming. It has up to 5 years of battery life and a tough waterproof encasing. The NT provides great location accuracy globally by combining a GPS sensor, WiFi bounce back, and cell tower triangulation for constant real-time visibility.

With desktop and mobile web access users can easily update the frequency of notifications and the measurements will be available via API. The NT can be used for a wide variety of applications including asset tracking, equipment tracking, containers, and refrigerated goods.

Small & light

  1. The size of a wallet: 81mm x 66mm x 33mm

  2. Weights just 193±5 grams

  3. Powerful magnet for attaching to metal surfaces

Very long battery life

  1. Loaded with 8100mAh and an ultra-low discharge rate

  2. Up to 5 years of battery life at 1 ping per day

  3. About 1 year of battery life with frequent tracking

Sturdy, waterproof and reliable

  1. Operative range between -20ºC to +70ºC

  2. Waterproof: IP67

  3. Certificates: CE, RoHS, FCC

This device is a perfect fit for businesses large or small because it's low cost, you own the tracking devices and it's desktop and mobile-friendly so you and your customer can use it on the go.

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