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Maritime Growth Summit 2023

Leif Ollivierre

December 1, 2023 at 12:00:00 PM

The Maritime Summit, in its second year, recently showcased the groundbreaking advancements of the Connected Places Catapult Maritime Innovation Flagship Programme. As a small startup attending this prestigious event, we were thrilled to engage with leading innovators and industry partners, discussing the potential for accelerating investment opportunities through cutting-edge maritime technologies. The summit highlighted themes such as bringing UK maritime innovation to life, understanding the UK's position in the global maritime investment landscape, and exploring future fuel options like hydrogen, ammonia, and methanol. This gathering was a melting pot of high-potential technology companies, researchers, and key industry players, emphasizing the significance of maritime innovation in bolstering the UK's trading future and exporting its intellectual property on a global scale. The insights and collaborations formed at this summit are invaluable for startups like ours, looking to contribute to and benefit from the rapidly evolving maritime sector.

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